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The player controls Tako (an octopus) through different locations, trying to obtain information about the whereabouts of his girlfriend and confronting humans and their allies. Tako can move in the four basic directions (up, down, left and right), but can only move after colliding with a wall. If he collides with an enemy (which can be defeated), he will eliminate him thanks to his knowledge in martial arts. The player must reflect on the actions he will execute, avoiding falling into the traps set by humans and their allies. Each level, depending on the efficiency in meeting the objectives, will give the player coins that can be used in the "gacha" to obtain cosmetic elements. In addition, every certain amount of levels, the player will unlock the objects with which he interacts in the story mode, to be able to use them in the level creation mode.

Art and music in the game is not our property. All rights to their respective owners. We do not want to make a profit with this project, it is simply a project of a university course that had to be uploaded to a distribution platform.

Install instructions

Download the apk and install it on a cell phone or in a android emulator like Nox.


Tako Quest Alpha v1.0.apk 35 MB

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